Idem Hospitality Sub-processors

To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws passed by the European Union that go into effect beginning May 25, 2018. Below is a list of all the companies who are sub-processors of Idem Hospitality.

sub-processor is a third-party company Idem Hospitality uses to process customer-related data. We've included the name of these companies, how we use them to process data, and links to their resources on customer privacy and security. 


Amazon Web Services


Cloud infrastructure

Atlassian Bitbucket   Code storage


  Application performance management
Hubspot   Customer Relationship Management

HAPI Cloud  

Integration Layer
Google API



Google Analytics


Customer behavior analytics



Customer support

MailChimp   Email list management & marketing

MongoDB Managed Services   Database Management

McLaren Technologies

  Sales, Customer & Technical Support
Sendgrid   System Email messaging